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Word to Russia ministry has proclaimed the Gospel by radio to the people of the former Soviet Union over 30 years. Thus, we have compiled a great wealth of Christian materials in the Russian language, which we are happy to make available to missionaries for their use. These materials include children's songs with separate tracks, radio broadcasts, audio and video presentations on various topics, sermons, books on tape, as well as short stories, etc.

Generally, summer the mission trips are of a short-term nature. We believe that our materials on cassette and CD can continue and enhance the impact of your personal ministry long after you are home.

You can order Christian materials or request more information at:

Word to Russia,
P.O. Box 1521,
West Sacramento,  CA 95691
Tel. (916) 372-4610
Fax  (916) 375-6770

E-mail: wtrmlokteff@bigvalley.net

For missionary groups we have prepared the following set: 43 cassettes of the children's program "Living Fountain", 12 cassettes of children's songs and 12 cassettes of the New Testament. A gift of just $80.00 will enable you to receive this entitle set, because of a matching sponsor.  You will have this material to share with people on your trip.