Ministry Outreach


Mission "Word to Russia", for many years sponsored Christian publishing house "Posoh". There have been 64 books by Christian authors of America and Russia translated into Russian and published. Several books ready for publication await their sponsors. Books are distributed in all Russian-speaking countries, in churches, in missions and other places.
Brother Andrei Melnikov manages the publishing house and is the senior pastor in the Novosibirsk Region. In addition to the publishing house, he does a great job with the prisoners in the region. There are monthly visits to eleven colonies, including a colony for youngsters (under 18) and a female colony. One former prisoner and many volunteers work on that project.
There is a great need for the construction of a new church building in the very center of Novosibirsk. The rest of the brotherhood communities are located on the outskirts and only this oldest church is in the center. In the thirties, during the "Red Terror", this church building was confiscated by the authorities and only in the 90s, it was returned to the brothers. During this time the city, increased in size many times and so, the church building ended up in the center of the city. Majority of the constriction work has been done, but funds are still needed for to conclude the work on electricity, plumbing, equipment, benches, furniture for classes, kitchen and other small details.  Their estimate for finishing the building is about $83,000.


With the help of our mission in Samara, the first Christian Hospice was opened in Russia. Hopelessly sick people find shelter, care and many of them, reconcile with the Lord, sometimes for a few hours before their passage into eternity.
If you see these needs and you want to participate in your heart, write to us at:
Word to Russia. P.O. Box 1521, West Sacramento, CA, 95691
e-mail:    Tel. (916) 372-4610


“The co laborers  of  "Word to Russia" cordially greet you. Peace to you!
At the end of September, by the grace of God, I visited the 20th anniversary of the studio of the Mission "Word to Russia" in Vinnitsa, called “Living Fountain”.
A few months ago, starting my work in the Mission, I had information about the work of the studio in Vinnitsa, about programs, about broadcast stations, about the employees of the studio, but our face-to-face meeting with them surpassed all expectations. Professionalism and dedication to service - these words are not wishes for the future, but reflect the real state of affairs of our studio in Ukraine. Thank God.
Hundreds of millions of people have the opportunity to hear the transmissions of the children’s radio programs on the middle waves of a powerful radio transmitter from Tartu, Estonia. They cover Ukraine, Byelorussia, the Baltics, most of Europe and Russia. Also on the radio in five regions of Ukraine. Currently, negotiations are underway in Mariupol, so that children's programs can be heard in the Donetsk region.
Through the Internet radio, at  around the clock, our transmissions can be heard anywhere in the world. Children's songs, stories, plays, music could be listened to without stopping.

I really like the words recorded on the site: "All rights belong to Jesus Christ." Terrific! You won’t find many such sites on the Internet. This means that thanks to your participation people can download in unlimited quantities and completely free hundreds of songs, phonograms, poems and stories. This is a wonderful help in the service of the Sunday Schools, children's and youth choirs, kindergartens, for the home education of children and missionary work. Recommend this site to your friends and acquaintances, believers and unbelievers; fill the hearts and souls of children with pure milk of the Lord's grace. An official from Kiev asks that we continue to support our programs in his area. "This is the only children's program on our radio," he writes, "when I can let my children listen to the radio and not worry what will be poured into their souls.”
 "Be sober, be watchful, because your adversary the devil walks like a roaring lion, seeking whom to devour" 1 Peter 5: 8. These words of Scripture today are of particular relevance to our children and youth. It is believed that we live in Christian countries, but alas! In many educational institutions in America and elsewhere, they are still studying the Theory of Evolution as fact and ridicule the Bible, scattering the poisonous seeds of doubt in the souls of our children and youth. Someone said well: "A boat can be in the sea, but the sea should not be in a boat."Christ prayed to the Father: "I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from evil." John 17: 15. Our programs will help children grow, to keep themselves undamaged going into this raging world and not to be shipwrecked in faith.


We have received wonderful news from churches of Uzbekistan. The Biblical Community of Uzbekistan together with the Institute for Bible Translation has translated the Bible into Uzbek language. This project has lasted 23 years and finally reached completion. Our Ministry and all Christians should rejoice at this news as another sign that our Lord is working in many nations and giving the green light for this region to receive the Gospel. 

We have many contacts to Uzbekistan’s underground churches (around 50 different churches that don’t advertise themselves for the fear of retaliation from Muslim) and a few registered churches that are eager to start spreading the Bible and the gospel to citizens of Uzbekistan. 

We are actively involved in a project to produce and distribute a recording of the New Testament, Psalms, Parables as well as the book of Genesis in a SD card format (electronic flash drive used on computers, cell phones and other electronic devices). The recording has been made in a first class studio by a professional Uzbek voice. Although the Bible is not “officially” banned in Uzbekistan and a person can officially purchase a Bible at some locations, there are dangers for believers in reading the Bible in public places due to potential attacks from Muslims. We are glad and thank our Lord for technology that is small and discreet, allowing us to effectively spread the Word among Christians in those regions. These SD cards are universal, work in any mobile device and can be easily copied to distribute the gospel among believers. Each copy can in return be copied a multitude of times making these 5,000 copies in an unending supply for the local churches. This is truly bread on the waters (Eccl 11:1).Cost for one micro SD, including purchasing the equipment, labor costs, distribution costs is about $7.
Move your heart to spread the good news to the people of Uzbekistan. Many of you are not able to go there personally and serve this people, but you can pay for a few micro SDs and these little missionaries will be handed out there on your behalf. You just have to pray for these messengers, thank God for the opportunity to participate in the ministry and wait for the harvest.
Cost of 4 cards - $28 
Cost of 10 cards- $70
Cost of 20 cards- $140
An old American proverb says: "There are no free meals." Somebody needs to support this project and we invite you participate financially and thru prayers.