Monthly Letters

  • Donetsk, Ukraine

    We thank the Lord and all who have responded to this project. Seeing the necessity for radio ministry in this region, we are determined to begin our work this summer by sending our co-worker, Vladimir Taryanik, to Donetsk. We are asking you to hold him up in prayer. Pray that this outreach will have not only a beginning, but also be sustained. By the mercy of our Lord, we are planning to take some necessary equipment for construction of a studio. If you feel led by the Lord to take part in this ministry, please join us.

  • Samara, Russia

    As many of you know, in addition to its main work of production and distribution of programs, Word to Russia is involved in other ministries. Today we would like to share with you about our work in Samara Hospice. This is a Christian organization that ministers to the elderly, providing medical assistance and the testimony of the Gospel of eternal life. Last year we became acquainted with the work of the Hospice. We developed a relationship that resulted in a special project: 

  • Izhevsk, Udmurtia

    In Izhevsk, there is a radio station that broadcasts Christian programs. MBIC, another mission, introduced us to Izhevsk and funded the postage and programs of two packages. We are grateful for this assistance. Word to Russia programs began to air in this region about a year ago. This April we received some disturbing news from Andrey Krasnoperov, director of the Christian outreach. He appealed to us for special help: